Step 1: Set RM Bridge Address

Enter the address displayed by the Android RM Bridge app and press the Load Devices button.

http:// :

Optionally a device can be registered manually.
Insert device MAC address, name and type and press the Add Manually button.

Name: MAC: Type:

Step 2: Select RM BroadLink Device

Select the device to use to record codes.

Selected: {{ device.name }} ({{ device.mac }})


Step 3: Learn Code

If learning RF codes, RM Pro+ devices must do a frequency scan before learning a code.
Press the Frequency Scan and then long press the button on your remote for approx. 5 seconds.
During this process the LED should light up and stay lit even after the scan is complete.

Press the Learn Code button and press the button on your remote.
To create a shortcut URL, specify the Code Name.

After successful learning, you can test the code in the next step.
Note: The timeout for learning is 5 seconds.

Code Name: * optional

Step 4: Test the Result

Test the code by pressing the Test Code button.
If the code is working, you can copy it for later use.
To learn another code, press the Learn Code button of Step 3 again.

Test Code

Shortcut URL:

Plain Command:

Command URL: